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ILMHS Theater

Hello all!

We are so happy you are auditioning for Seussical Jr. Here are the things you can prepare for auditions which will have three parts - singing, acting, and dancing.

SINGING: Choose one of the following songs. Use the YouTube links to practice from the time marks indicated. 

  1. Oh the Thinks from 2:57 to the end.
  2. Biggest Blame Fool beginning to 0:40.
  3. Everybody Wants to be a Cat beginning to 0:60.
  4. The Bare Necessities from beginning to end.  
  5. You're Welcome beginning to 0:50. 

Acting: Choose one of the 5 audition pieces in this file

Choreography: Here's a link to watch the choreography video. We will also review it at the auditions.

Let us know if you have any questions and tell your friends to sign up to join us!

Mr. and Mrs. Halperin 

Auditions will be Monday and Tuesday (Sept 12 and 13). Monday at the Auditorium and Tuesday at the Cafeteria. We think they will take about 90 minutes but it all depends on how many kids sign up for each day.